About Us

Our designs are made with a tremendous idea

To provide a better variety of quality shades, sunglasses, and accessories that make you stand out from the crowd as the center of attention and experience the joy of smartly not having to break the bank to achieve this success !!

An Experience Like No Other !!

We’ve put a lot of thought into giving you the best possible experience to make your job easier with the perfect shades, sunglasses, and accessories that suit your mood and lifestyle !!
We are on a mission to show all visitors and our loyal gloryshades customers how much we value your view for care, beauty, and design for the ultimate protection in eyewear and much, more !!
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Our Vision

Our vision is to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

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History of Beginning

From the many reports, and also from our in-depth research on the current climate control crisis that seems to be getting worse daily Glory Shades was birth as a solution for people to have reassurance and peace of mind at least knowing they are getting the absolute best in eyewear protection and their accessories heading out to take care of whatever life brings their way.

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What we really do?

In a nutshell Glory Shades firmly believes that life works better when you go beyond talking about problems and instead are inspired to set goals to fix or address complicated concerns into action.

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